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About Founder Mindy Degraff

TeamMastermind Inspirations

“But more importantly, this skill has been essential when they listen to each other in generating ideas to solve a problem. The atmosphere of focused enthusiasm, negotiating for individual ideas, sharing materials, and compromising for cherished roles when the 'contest' begins is priceless.”


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About TeamMastermind Founder Mindy Degraff

Mindy Degraff has touched the lives of thousands of school children for the past 16 years through her innovative TeamMastermind curriculum. A former talent agent, restaurateur, and award-winning marketing professional, Mindy has applied her creativity to many successful business endeavors.

Her passion for “authentic learning” took root while she was homeschooling her daughter, who was introduced to the Odyssey of the Mind program and immediately became hooked — so hooked, in fact, that she competed in the world finals for four consecutive years! After coaching a local middle school team through regional and state competitions, Mindy found the inspiration to bring a new kind of learning to as many kids as possible.

After much work, she developed TeamMastermind. Three schools signed the first year. News spread fast about how this unique curriculum was benefiting kids, and soon Mindy was working at Northern Arizona University’s Center for Excellence in Education, modeling the program for teacher candidates. 

After launching TeamMastermind, Mindy presented at the Fifth Annual Teaching and Learning Conference at Coconino Community College. She also co-presented at the Inquiry-based Learning Forum of the Arizona Charter School Conference in November of 2008.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, running, hiking, cross-country skiing, writing... and, of course, learning.