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In the corporate world, the next creative concept may be the million-dollar idea that propels your organization to the top of its game. Creative collaboration leads to innovative solutions in a world that desperately needs modern-day pioneers.


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Creatively different workshops!

TeamMastermind workshops are like none you’ve ever attended! That’s because we started the program with children, and for the past 16 years, they’ve redefined what it means to live creatively and to think differently and fearlessly. And the adults who’ve observed TeamMastermind in action have been clamoring for workshops geared for them. So here it is!

Written for adults. Tested by children.

The creative spirit is inherent in every child. Their innate curiosity, uninhibited imaginative expression, and courage to fail is a delight to behold. And yet, somewhere along the way, many of us lose this vital connection to our imaginative lives. How can we keep these qualities alive as adults — and why should we want to?

Creativity is a highly valued commodity. Keeping your imagination alive allows you to bring your “outer purpose” (acquiring wealth, title, reputation, advancement, success) in line with your “inner purpose” (well being, peace of mind, contentment).  Creativity is best served in a playful and inspiring environment, and you can expect to have fun as you learn these crucial skills while working in small teams

TeamMastermind offers customized Adult Development Workshops, such as the following:

  • Brainstorm Without  an Umbrella
  • Boost your creative and intuitive abilities
  • Identify self-imposed limiting behavior
  • Discover new sources of inspiration and eliminate creative blocks
  • Time Management skills and strategies
  • Brainstorming for managers: facilitation and utilization
  • Tailoring an office environment to maximize creativity and productivity
  • Masterfully Managing Creatives Creatively
  • Empathy and Sensitivity Training for Managers: "Can't we all just get along?"
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork in your workplace

We are also available for all aspects of retreat facilitation.