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 What is TeamMastermind?

Why TeamMastermind?

How to TeamMastermind

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How to TeamMastermind (continued)

7—Mastermind the Debrief

After the students have cleaned up and are back in their seats, ask the debrief questions listed on the Mindwinder sheet, or ask some of your own. As springboards for the discussion, these questions are meant to let children evaluate themselves and check their understanding of the theme. Allow just a few minutes for this class conversation.

8—Mastermind the ReMindwinder

Most students identify the ReMindwinder as their favorite part of the seminar.

a.      Begin by drawing two columns on the board — one labeled “ordinary,” the other “extraordinary.”

b.      Ask the ReMindwinder question, and then score each answer by placing a hash mark in one the columns.

c.      Reassure the children that an “ordinary” answer is good, but an “extraordinary” idea is even better.

d.      Let them know that they are practicing quick thinking and that all answers are rewarded. There are no wrong answers, but some may be more creative than others.

e.      Encourage the children to piggyback from other answers if they are stuck. This promotes creativity and collaboration. 

The class should score the ReMindwinder by counting each hash mark, assigning a value of “3” for each extraordinary answer and “1” for each ordinary answer. Explain that the final score was achieved by the group as a whole. Most classes will want to record their ReMindwinder scores so they can improve them next time. Note that for some seminars there are two ReMindwinder questions. This is to ensure that if you choose to present the seminar over the course of two weeks you will have a ReMindwinder for both weeks. (More about presentation options follows in the next section.)

9—Mastermind the Summary

Wrap up by weaving back through the theme of the day, reviewing the challenges and successes you observed, and reminding the children to discuss the day’s concept with their families and teachers. 

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