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“TeamMastermind is used in many of our schools, and both teachers and students are enthusiastic about the teamwork, creativity and critical thinking skills that are embedded in each lesson. TeamMastermind helps us round out our curriculum to teach human skills in addition to academic ones. I’m a fan!”

Barbara Hickman
Former Superintendent
Flagstaff USD

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Teamwork, problem solving, and creativity:   

The foundation for lifelong learning starts here.

Learning is about more than just the three R’s. It’s about thinking outside — way outside — the box. That’s why we developed TeamMastermind, an innovative curriculum that not only fosters critical thinking and self-evaluation skills but also empowers kids to use their heads, hearts, and hands — the three H’s — to learn. Thousands of students have already benefited from TeamMastermind.

Themes that Challenge & Engage

TeamMastermind teaches kids how to:

  • Develop strong teamwork skills
  • Think differently and creatively
  • Use the M.A.S.T.E.R.™ method and other problem-solving techniques
  • Self-evaluate
  • Maintain mental flexibility
  • Manage conflict
  • Take intellectual risks

And much more...

What's a Mindwinder?

That's what we call each mind-bending, brainteasing, collaborative lesson.
The original TeamMastermind Mindwinders are appropriate for grades 1-8, and the new Kinder Mindwinder Collection is just right for younger learners. Each highly experiential Mindwinder introduces a theme that students explore through discussion, reading, and hands-on problem solving in small groups. 

Request a Sample Mindwinder

See what TeamMastermind is all about. Click here to request a free sample Mindwinder in PDF format.

Photos by Donna Shoemaker