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The research proves it!
TeamMastermind works!

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Research: Northern Arizona University 2008-2009

Since 2000, my team and I have offered experiential learning opportunities that focus on TeamMastermind's trilogy of creative thinking, teamwork and problem-solving to more than 8000 students and their teachers.

I knew that the kids loved it and their parents often stopped me in the streets to tell me that TeamMastermind was always the topic of dinner conversation on the days that we were in the classroom. Teachers valued it; they reported improvements in their students' problem solving and teamwork skills and they continue to contract with me year after year, despite dwindling funding resources.

But I had no data to prove what students, teachers and parents knew anecdotally. I wanted some "hard data" to prove that what we were doing was making a difference.

In 2007, in conjunction with Northern Arizona University, we began to assess the program. That first assessment helped us to improve the curriculum, and now that the second assessment is complete, we can say with conviction: TeamMastermind makes a difference!



Letter from Heidi A. Wayment, Ph.D, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, Northern Arizona University => PDF

TeamMastermind Northern Arizona University Research Results

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