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“As a teacher, it is very rewarding to observe my students are using creative thinking to solve a variety of problems based on a myriad of themes. The students are encouraged to take risks and to respect each other’s ideas when making decisions. What a wonderful addition to our curriculum!”


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TeamMastermind for Kids

What is TeamMastermind?

Why TeamMastermind?

How to TeamMastermind

1 - Mastermind the Model

2 - Mastermind the Discussion

3 - Mastermind the Story

4 - Mastermind Where in the World?

5 - Mastermind Go for the Goal

6 - Mastermind the Challenge

7 - Mastermind the Debrief

7 - Mastermind the ReMindwinder

7 - Mastermind the Summary

Where and When to TeamMastermind

TeamMastermind for Adults

The Mindwinders

Success Stories




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