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 What is TeamMastermind?

Why TeamMastermind?

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What is TeamMastermind?

In a nutshell...

TeamMastermind is a comprehensive program that gives students the opportunity to explore a theme through discussion, reading, and hands-on problem solving in groups. The collection of classroom-tested lessons – we call them Mindwinders – is straightforward and simple to facilitate. The cornerstones of TeamMastermind – teamwork, creativity, and problem solving – are identified and reiterated throughout the curriculum. Students learn specific methods to develop proficiency in these core areas.

Mindwinder components

  • TeamMastermind Model: The facilitator kicks off each Mindwinder by diagramming the TeamMastermind model.
  • Discussion: The class discusses a relevant and timely topic.
  • Reading: Students hear a short piece of literature to advance and cement this concept.
  • Where in the World: Students are asked to consider and discuss where in the "real" world the current theme/lesson could have relevance.
  • Go for the Goal: Students are asked to commit to attaining one of the listed goals by the end of the Mindwinder.
  • Hands-on Activity: Students break into small groups to solve a problem, collaboratively and creatively.
  • Debriefing: If desired and appropriate, each Mindwinder provides the opportunity for a complete debrief of the lesson and activity.
  • ReMindwinder: Children think on their feet by answering the question of the day.
  • Summary: The group revisits the day’s theme.