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 What is TeamMastermind?

Why TeamMastermind?

How to TeamMastermind

Where / when to TeamMastermind


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Where and When to TeamMastermind

TeamMastermind works in a variety of educational settings… even homeschooling

TeamMastermind is appropriate and relevant for children who attend public schools, private schools, and charter schools. The Mindwinders require a space that will allow teams of children to engage in the energetic, hands-on work of creative problem solving. Some lessons could be easily facilitated outside; others require tables, chairs, or other props that may be more accessible in a classroom.

TeamMastermind is also ideal for homeschooling families. For families who meet frequently with other homeschoolers, these Mindwinders provide wonderful icebreakers and team-building exercises. They can be adapted for a single child as well as for a large group.

Use TeamMastermind wherever and whenever children are together…

We suggest holding sessions weekly. Because they build competency over time, the themes should be reinforced between Mindwinders for greatest efficacy. Additionally, TeamMastermind travels well! Use ReMindwinders on long bus rides and field trips.