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Why TeamMastermind?

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Why TeamMastermind?

A different way to teach, a different way to learn

TeamMastermind® is a breath of fresh air for teachers and students alike. It turns the classroom into a laboratory where educators are encouraged to focus on the process rather than the outcomes, and students are challenged to step beyond their comfort zones as they work collaboratively to craft unique solutions.


As an educator, you have the opportunity to reward failures as well as successes. When we’re engaged in the process of innovation, it’s impossible for every solution to succeed. In fact, failure is one of the most important tools for eventual success. Unless we allow children to process and learn from their setbacks, they are destined to repeat the same mistakes—or, worse, they may become timid about suggesting new ideas and trying new things.

It’s important to help students to make connections between the time they spend in school and their lives after the dismissal bell rings. TeamMastermind guides educators in exploring critical life themes, layer by layer, so they can help kids “take it home.” Each seminar component—from the discussion to the Mindwinder®—plays off each other to draw correlations and relationships to the student’s “real life.” TeamMastermind offers students a level of engagement and meaning that they can carry beyond the school doors into their everyday lives.

Finally, TeamMastermind is a catalyst to help you integrate different learning styles to engage all of your students. Each TeamMastermind seminar has “something for everybody.” There are ample opportunities for all children to shine as they bring their unique perspectives and paradigms to the team. Even those children who do not excel by the usual academic standards will find that they, too, have much to contribute to the success (or failure!) of the week’s lesson


Researchers say that an individual constructs knowledge rather than receiving it from others. If that’s true, it seems best to teach with hands-on materials that give students the opportunity to think and explain rather than to memorize and recite.

TeamMastermind allows students to construct knowledge using their heads, hands, and hearts. As you present the discussion and the literature, they use their heads. The challenge requires them to use their heads and hands. And the teamwork skills require them to add their hearts to the mix. Therefore, they use their whole selves to integrate the material.

TeamMastermind makes learning authentic. Authentic learning demands that students actively solve problems because life is a series of ongoing problems to solve, decisions to make, concepts to understand and integrate. Authentic learning requires that people work together. To this end, the children spend lots of time learning the importance of effective teamwork. They learn to focus not their knowledge but rather on how to solve problems using the resources around them.

Perhaps most importantly, your students will have fun working with the TeamMastermind curriculum. This openness and excitement will create a learning climate that encourages acceptance and retention of the material.

You Teach… They Learn…
The importance of innovation To be creative thinkers
Failure as a tool for success To embrace going out on a limb
Teamwork skills To trust and rely on others
Methods for problem-solving How to approach life’s challenges
That everyone has talents To value their contributions
How they can teach themselves How to learn

P.O. Box 23583
Flagstaff, AZ 86002